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Reusable Water Coloring... Reusable Water Coloring... 2
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Coloring pages

Reusable Water Coloring Water Magic DX97802 / DX97803

Reusable water coloring with a brush in the kit. When the picture dries, it again becomes white and you can again carry it over with a wet brush. Length of the brush: 4.72 inch. The length of the product: 6.5 inch. Product width: 7.48 inch.
Kinetic sand with molds... Kinetic sand with molds... 2
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Kinetic sand with molds SUKIToy, 1,1 lbs.

Kinetic sand with SUKIToy molds has good ductility, while remaining constantly dry. Externally similar to wet sea sand, also fluid and viscous. It is easy to form different figures and compositions. It is 98% pure quartz sand and 2% completely harmless polymer, thanks to which the sand acquires a truly unique properties: - by tactile sensations 100% like...

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