1.1. It is prohibited to place or sell any items if they are subject to restrictions set forth in the federal, regional or local legislation of any country or jurisdiction. Remember that the website www.imkurs.com (hereinafter referred to as the Imkurs.com Website) functions as an international trading platform, so the placement or sale of items may be prohibited under legislation in force outside the jurisdiction to which you relate. Below are listed a number of categories of prohibited items and items subject to restrictions. However, this list is not exhaustive. You, as a seller, are responsible for not publishing information on subjects subject to legislative prohibitions or restrictions in any jurisdiction. Unless otherwise indicated or indicated below, the list of prohibited or restricted items listed on the list should be applied to the Imkurs.com website.
For the purposes of these Publishing Rules, transactions that are supported will be considered "Acceptable Online Transactions".
1.2. Imkurs.com also considered it necessary to prohibit the posting of information on other categories of items not prohibited by law and not subject to restrictions, information about which, however, may cause negative consequences or be interpreted in a contradictory manner, including:
  • objects provoking the commission of illegal actions (for example, tools for breaking open locks, synthetic urine for forging the results of drug tests);
  • objects containing insults of a racial, religious or national nature, or causing hatred, violence, racial or religious intolerance;
  • quizzes, lotteries, drawings and competitions;
  • shares, bonds, rights to receive dividends and other securities;
  • pornographic materials and products of a sexual nature;
  • positions that do not contain proposals for the sale of tangible products or services, for example, electronic funds and advertising, the sole purpose of which is to collect user data.
1.3. Imkurs.com, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to impose additional restrictions and prohibit additional categories.

1.4. In case of inconsistency, discrepancy or contradiction of the contents of these Rules with any other terms of the imkurs.com platform, or between versions of these Rules in English and other languages, the English version and Imkurs.com decision, taken by him exclusively at his own discretion, always prevail.


1.1. Imkurs.com categorically prohibits the placement or sale on the Site of drugs, tranquilizers, psychotropic drugs, natural or synthetic narcotic substances, steroids and other controlled substances (including all drugs listed in Appendices I, II, III, IV and V of the Unified Law on Controlled Substances, 21 Code of Laws of the USA 801 and later). Such actions may result in the cancellation of your account.
1.2. Placement on the website or sale of any chemical precursors of drugs (such as those listed in the Convention on Psychotropic Substances of 1971) is strictly prohibited.
1.3. The Site strictly prohibits related products related to drugs, including all products, the main purpose of which is the production, disguise or use of controlled substances. This group of goods includes goods used for ingesting illegal substances, including pipes, hookahs, carburetor tubes, syringes, glass tubes, hookah for smoking marijuana, etc. (the list is not exhaustive).
1.4. Placement or sale on the Site of packaging materials that can be used for packaging controlled substances, materials intended for the smuggling, storage, sale, transportation and production of illegal narcotic substances (for example, lamps for growing marijuana), prints and other information resources representing information related to the manufacture of illicit drugs is strictly prohibited.


2.1. Placement of explosives and associated equipment for ignition and detonation is strictly prohibited. This activity may result in your account being deleted.
2.2. Radioactive substances, toxic and toxic chemicals are prohibited on the Imkurs.com website.
2.3. It is prohibited to post offers on the Imkurs.com website about the sale or offer to purchase hazardous materials (for example, the category of hazardous materials in accordance with the definition of the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code).
2.4. Ozone-depleting substances are not allowed to be placed and sold.
2.5. The publication, offer for sale or offer for the purchase of any goods containing harmful substances (for example, items containing asbestos) are prohibited on the website Imkurs.com.
2.6. The offer for the sale of fireworks, crackers and related products is prohibited. If the seller is a licensed seller of these goods, an exception may be made, but this issue will be considered on an individual basis.


3.1. Any service, instruction, processing or assistance in the production of biological, chemical or nuclear weapons, as well as other types of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) or known components is strictly prohibited by international law and, accordingly, is prohibited on the Site. Any violation of these rules will result in the notification of state authorities by Imkurs.com and the cancellation of your account.
3.2. It is strictly forbidden to post offers for the sale or purchase of any weapons, equipment, military ammunition, weapons (including explosive devices) and / or related spare parts and related products. These actions can lead to the cancellation of your account.
3.3. Imkurs.com does not permit the placement of offers for the sale or purchase of reproductions, replicas and imitations of firearms, and / or derived parts and components (inalienable or otherwise). This prohibition also applies to air pistols, wind guns, paintball guns, electric shockers, harpoons, spearguns or other weapons, equipped with shells containing gas, chemical or explosive substances.


4.1. Imkurs.com does not permit placement, offering to buy or sell weapons, which can cause injury or serious physical injury to others (for example, stun guns, batons, crossbows).
4.2. In most cases, it is permitted to place knives and other cutting tools. Nevertheless, it is forbidden to place knives with an automatically ejected blade, gravity knives, knuckwheels (with and without a blade), wrist devices with a blade and camouflaged knives.
4.3. Imkurs.com reserves the right to determine which items of this category can be placed, and can exclude from the publication lists items regarded as weapons.


5.1. Do not post the following items:
  • Clothing items or identification marks issued for the official form of government bodies or similar to it.
  • identity cards of law enforcement and law enforcement agencies or official enforcement equipment of any public authority, including certificates and tokens issued by the government of any country.
  • military orders, medals and awards, as well as items, the appearance of which largely resembles them.
5.2. Police uniforms, police insignia and police vehicles can only be placed on condition that they are out of use and do not remind us of the police uniform currently in use. This fact should be clearly indicated in the description of the position.
5.3. There is a limited number of police related items that can be posted on the Imkurs.com website subject to all of the above rules:
  • permitted items of souvenir character, such as hats, mugs, barrettes, pens, buttons, cufflinks, t-shirts, paper clips that do not resemble certificates, and paperweight not containing certificates.
  • historical certificates that do not resemble modern law enforcement certificates, provided that the description of the subject clearly states that the certificate is a historical document that is at least 75 years old or issued by a non-existent organization.
5.4. It is prohibited to post the following items on the Site related to commercial air transportation and public transport:
  • Any items, clothing or identification marks associated with the transportation industry, including (the list is not exhaustive) the form of airline pilots, the form of flight attendants of airlines, the form of airport personnel, the form associated with the railway industry and the form of personnel providing safety on public transport. It is allowed to place on the Site vintage clothing related to commercial airlines or other public transport, provided that the product description clearly states that the age of the goods is not less than 10 years, it is no longer used by the airline or public transport authority and does not resemble the form, currently used.
  • manuals and other materials relevant to mass commercial public transport, including safety guides published by commercial airlines or organizations operating the metro, trains or buses. These items can be placed only if the description clearly states that the material is obsolete and is no longer used by the airline or other transport authority.
  • any official, internal documents and documents not intended for the public.
5.5. The offer for the sale of police equipment and related products is prohibited on the website Imkurs.com. If the seller is a licensed seller of these goods, an exception may be made, but in any case the matter will be considered on an individual basis.


6.1. The placement of prescription drugs, psychotropic and narcotic substances is strictly prohibited.
6.2. Placement or sale of ingested food products or supplements that affect sexual function is prohibited.
6.3. Prescription veterinary medicinal products can not be published.
6.4. A participant may place medicines authorized for sale in pharmacies if you have the necessary approval, authorization or license to manufacture or sell such narcotic substances. If you are not sure whether you can post drugs permitted for sale in pharmacies, contact Imkurs.com before publishing.


Imkurs.com does not permit the placement of unauthorized medical devices. Participants can only place authorized medical devices after the appropriate permission to produce and sell the Web site, while transactions on these goods are strictly prohibited for carrying out.

8.1. Publication and sale of pornographic materials are strictly prohibited, as this is a violation of the law in many countries. As standards differ in different countries and pornographic materials can be difficult to identify for this category, Imkurs.com will follow the recommendations and rules adopted in Hong Kong.
8.2. Categorically prohibited items depicting or expressing a hint of bestiality, violent acts of a sexual nature, incest, sex with severe acts of cruelty or humiliation, and any objects depicting or expressing a hint of acts of a sexual nature involving minors.
8.3. When determining whether a publication or information should be removed from the site, we consider the general content of the publication, including photographs, images and text.
8.4. Although different types of sex toys and related items are allowed for placement, however, their description can not contain nudity or other obscene images.


9.1. Descramblers and other items that can be used to gain unauthorized access to television programming (for example, satellite or cable television), Internet access, telephone, data or other protected or premium services or services that are subject to restrictions are prohibited. Indication that the subject is intended for educational or testing purposes does not make legitimate products that are illegal for other reasons. Examples of prohibited products: smart cards, card programmers, descramblers, DSS emulators, hacker software.
9.2. Similarly, information on how to descramble or access programming cable or satellite television or other services without permission or payment is prohibited. Imkurs.com prohibits any promotion of this type of activity.
9.3. Devices intended for intentional blocking, stubs or interference in authorized radio communications, such as cellular or personal communications services, police radar, global positioning systems (GPS) and wireless network services (wi-fi) are prohibited.
9.4. It is forbidden to place devices used for listening to oral or electronic communications, or communications using wired technologies.
9.5. The placement of hidden cameras is permitted, except for hidden cameras used to provide secret surveillance or recording of individuals for sexual or illicit purposes.
9.6. Readers for credit cards and "skimmers" can not be presented on the Website.
9.7. Any other equipment to bypass protection systems not listed above is also prohibited from being posted on the Website.


10.1. Proposals for the provision of public services or related products are strictly prohibited.
Such examples include:
  • official certificates of identity or permits issued by public authorities, such as birth certificates, driving licenses, visas and passports, or similar to them.
  • filled applications for receiving such documents containing personal data
  • any materials, equipment or processes designed for the production of government identity cards (for example, holograms for driving permits, passport books)
  • offers for sale or purchase of textile quotas are prohibited on the website Imkurs.com.
10.2. It is strictly forbidden to post or sell on the Site any types of accounts or checks (including empty and pre-filled, as well as invoices and receipts, VAT invoices).
10.3. Imkurs.com prohibits the placement of financial services offers, including money orders, guarantees and letters of credit of the issuing bank, loans, collection of donations and fund-raising for personal investment purposes, etc.
10.4. Imkurs.com prohibits placing offers only for the purpose of collecting information about users or attracting funds.
10.5. Imkurs.com prohibits placing offers of medical and health services, including services for medical care, rehabilitation, vaccination, medical examination, services of a psychologist, nutritionist, plastic surgeon, masseur, etc.
10.6. It is strictly forbidden to post or sell mass computer mailing lists or mailing lists containing personally identifiable information, including names, addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers and e-mail addresses. Also, software and other tools intended or used to send unsolicited commercial electronic messages (spam) are prohibited.
10.7. It is forbidden to post on the Site job advertisements on the basis of which the plant / company / organization can directly employ employees.
10.8. Imkurs.com is an online platform for contacts between businesses; the placement of personal and non-commercial information is prohibited.
10.9. It is prohibited to post or sell items that are not transferable through the Site. Many items, including lottery tickets, air tickets and a number of tickets for events, are not subject to resale or transfer.


11.1. Imkurs.com categorically prohibits the sale and purchase of currency, coins, banknotes, shares, bonds, payment orders, credit and debit cards, interest on investments, electronic and other intangible currencies (for example, crypto currency), securities, as well as equipment and materials, used for the production of these items.
11.2. Categorically prohibited falsification of objects specified in art. 11.1., Legal means of payment and stamps.
11.3. Reproductions and copies of coins that are collectibles must be marked with the words "COPY", "REPRODUCTION" or "PRECISE REPRODUCTION" and comply with all applicable local laws.
11.4. Imkurs.com does not allow the publication of publications offering the sale or purchase of gold, silver and other precious metals (not including jewelry).
11.5. Raw diamonds and "conflict minerals" originating from countries that do not comply with general laws can not be offered for sale.
11.6. Monuments of material culture (artifacts), cultural relics, historical tombstones and similar objects are protected in accordance with the laws of the PRC, the United States and other jurisdictions; and can not be placed or sold through the Imkurs.com Website.

12.1. Imkurs.com prohibits the placement of offers for the sale of any people, human bodies or parts of the human body. Examples of these prohibited items: organs, bones, blood, sperm, eggs (the list is not exhaustive). Goods made of human hair for commercial purposes, for example, wigs, are allowed.
12.2. It is strictly prohibited to place or sell any animal (including any animal parts, including skins, skin, internal organs, teeth, claws, shells, bones, fangs, ivory and other parts) on the Imkurs.com website protected by the International Trade Convention species of wild fauna and flora (CITES) or any other local legislation.
12.3. No placement or sale on the Imkurs.com Website of products made from any part of a shark or marine mammal or containing an ingredient derived from a shark or marine mammal is prohibited.
12.4. It is prohibited to post or sell products made from cats or dogs, including their skin, skin, fur or meat, on the Imkurs.com website.
12.5. It is permitted to place or sell on a site poultry, livestock and pets for commercial purposes. To avoid ambiguous interpretation, we emphasize that the offer to sell live animals is prohibited on the website Imkurs.com.


13.1. Any printed publications and other mass media containing state secrets or information damaging national security or public order are prohibited. This activity may result in your account being deleted.
13.2. Any information supporting or defending the violation of national sovereignty, terrorist organizations or discrimination based on race, gender or religion is strictly prohibited on the Imkurs.com website. This activity may result in your account being deleted.
13.3. It is prohibited to publish on the Site publications containing insults of a national or racial nature. Sellers and buyers should ensure that such language is used in their publications that demonstrate the necessary respect for those who can read them when offering or purchasing potentially insulting goods or services.
13.4. In some cases, if materials have historical value or are an integral part of the product (for example, the name of the book), users can use offensive words and phrases in the publication topic and description. Imkurs.com reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to decide to withdraw such proposals from the publication and encourages all members to treat others as they would like them to treat them.
13.5. Imkurs.com strictly prohibits posting materials promoting fascism, Nazism, and other radical ideologies.


14.1. It is prohibited to place tobacco products on the Site, including cigars, cigarettes, tobacco for cigarettes, tobacco for smoking pipes, tobacco for smoking hookah, chewing tobacco and tobacco leaf (the list is not exhaustive).
14.2. Suggestions for the sale of electronic cigarettes and accessories to them are allowed, while it is prohibited to post on the Site proposals for the sale of nicotine and liquid for use in electronic cigarettes.

Offer for sale or sale of equipment specifically used for gambling is prohibited. Goods that have other legitimate uses (for example, bones and game cards) are usually allowed to be placed.

16.1. The Site strictly prohibits products prohibited by laws or regulations or subject to sanctions or trade restrictions in any relevant country or jurisdictions throughout the world.
16.2. It is strictly forbidden to place or sell oil, oil products and petrochemical products, the country of origin of which is the Islamic Republic of Iran.
16.3. The offer to sell or sell coal, iron, iron ore, gold, titanium ore, vanadium ore and rare earth minerals originating from the Democratic People's Republic of Korea is strictly prohibited.
16.4. It is forbidden to post offers for sale or sell crude oil.

17.1. It is forbidden to place on the Site products containing harmful substances (for example, toys containing lead white).
17.2. It is prohibited to post offers on the Site about the sale of automobile airbags, as they contain explosive materials.
17.3. Restored products. It is forbidden to sell and purchase the restored mobile phones, laptops and computers on the Site.
17.4. Prohibited materials from asbestos and / or products containing asbestos.
17.5. Contracts and tickets
  • You are responsible for ensuring the legality of your transactions and compliance with all contractual obligations. Before placing the goods on the Site, you must carefully read all the contracts you have entered into, which may limit your right to sell goods on the Site. A number of goods, such as air tickets, have conditions printed on the goods that can limit your rights to sell them. In other cases, for example, if you are a distributor of a certain company's products, you could previously sign a separate contract limiting your rights to sell products.
  • Imkurs.com does not search for products that can cause problems of this kind, and can not verify copies of private contracts, make decisions or take sides in disputes under private contracts. Nevertheless, we ask you to remember that placing goods in violation of your contractual obligations may be grounds for bringing you to justice. In this regard, Imkurs.com encourages you not to post the goods until you have verified all related treaties and agreements and you were not convinced that you can sell the goods on the Site legally.
  • if you have questions regarding your rights under a contract or agreement, we strongly recommend that you contact the company with which you entered into the contract and / or consult a lawyer.
17.6. Rules for reselling tickets for events
Imkurs.com allows the placement of tickets for cultural, sports and entertainment events, if permitted by law. Nevertheless, as a ticket seller, you are responsible for ensuring that a particular transaction does not violate any provisions of applicable law or the terms of the ticket itself.
17.7. Stolen property:
categorically prohibited the placement or sale on the site of embezzlement, as it violates international law. The term "objects of embezzlement" includes items taken from individuals, as well as property taken without permission from legal persons and states.
Imkurs.com cooperates with law enforcement agencies in identifying stolen property and prosecuting those responsible for identity theft. If you believe that the images and / or texts in the description of your subject were used by another user of the Site without your permission, or your intellectual property rights were violated by such a user, please contact our support team at imkurs@yandex.ru.

It is prohibited to place and sell goods containing the similarity, image, name or signature of another person, if such goods were not produced with the permission of the person or by the person himself, the similarity, image, name or signature of which is used in the goods.

2.1. It is strictly prohibited to place fakes, unlicensed copies and items that do not have the necessary permissions on the Site, such as falsification of fashionable clothes, watches, bags, glasses and other accessories.
2.2. If the goods sold have the name or logo of the company, but have not been produced by this company or with its consent, the placement and sale of such goods on the Site is prohibited.
2.3. Placement of branded products is permitted subject to the availability of an appropriate permit issued by the owner of this brand.
2.4. Placement of proposals for the sale or purchase of copies, fakes or other items that do not have proper authorization is the reason for the withdrawal of information from the site Imkurs.com. Re-placement of counterfeits or objects that do not have proper authorization leads to an immediate suspension of participation.

Placement or sale on the Site of unauthorized (pirated, duplicate, backup, contraband, etc.) copies of software, video games, music albums, films, television programs, photographs and other protected works are prohibited.
NOTE: This list can not be considered exhaustive and will be constantly updated. If you are not sure of the appropriateness or legality of the products that you would like to post on the Site, contact the customer support department at imkurs@imkurs.com
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