This privacy statement applies to personal data provided by buyers and users of the online store Incurs (hereinafter – users) when ordering through the website, upon receipt of services, participation of users in advertising campaigns and promotions.

Using the website and/or providing Internet to store personal data, the user agrees to the processing of personal data for purposes and in ways stipulated in this Policy.

The procedure for collection, storage and destruction of personal data

The collection of personal data is the online store Incurs only with the knowledge and consent of users for the purpose of providing access to services, such as: the purchase of goods on the website, participation in advertising campaigns and promotions, company loyalty. Online store takes appropriate technical and organizational information security measures to prevent information leakage and reduce such risks to a minimum. Such measures include: the use of firewalls, antivirus tools, placing media in secure server centres and the encryption.

Personal data are stored until the moment of termination of the company. Blocking, destruction, depersonalization of personal data carried out for the reasons stipulated by the law. Incurs collects data related to the following categories: Technical information. This category includes:

• IP address of the computer and time of access;

• information about the link with any web site a user has come to the resource;

• information about the pages visited on the website;

• information about the links used on the website; • data on viewing advertising banners;

• information about the devices on the user's computer;

• other technical information provided by the user's browser (the type of device, the type and version of browser, operating system, screen resolution, etc.);

• mobile number. The information necessary to access the services for the purpose of authentication of the website users and their actions, personalizing services, and for delivery of the goods and feedback from users when registering on the website collects the following information:

• name, patronymic and surname of the user;

• e-mail address;

• phone number;

• postal address;

• the names and passwords of users.

Mandatory is the data about user name and password. Address information is required only in case of use of service of delivery. Other information (first name, patronymic and surname of the user, email address, telephone number, postal address) is optional and is provided by the user.

Information about the user actions.

This category includes:

• designed queries or complaints;

• information about the purchased goods and provided services (including shipping information);

• detailed information about agreements between the user and; data on contacts and messages;

• user's location (for obtaining the user's Express consent in each case providing such information).

Purpose of processing personal data carries out the processing of personal data for the purposes described in this Policy and/or any additional provisions on the protection of privacy for specific services When selling products and services - to provide services, process orders, or other actions that may be required to meet commitments to users, to ensure the functionality and security products and services, to confirm user actions, or to prevent and investigate fraud and other abuses. In the development of products and services to take account of the wishes of different categories of users. In this case, a non-identifiable summary and statistical information.

For the preparation of individual proposals and provide the most appropriate user-specific services. When implementing feedback from users, to provide users with information about products and/or services, with the aim of studying the degree of satisfaction with services For the purpose of conducting market research, for example, to conduct market research.

In addition, some of the products and services can be used to promote products and services of other companies. However, without the prior consent of the user will not reveal any personal data to such companies or any other companies for marketing purposes.

Transfer of personal data not transmitting personal user data to third parties except in the following cases:

• obtaining explicit consent. Some services involve the transfer of personal data to other users of the services, for example, when publishing user materials or their participation in user communities;

• mandatory disclosure. If there are legitimate requirements of the authorities or other third parties, e.g. law enforcement. may in accordance with applicable law, to disclose and process personal data of users to protect the legitimate interests for example, in the course of the proceedings. Use of Cookies and web beacons when you visit the web site on the user's computer may display information that identifies the user's computer. This information has the form of text files called “Cookies”. Cookies allow us to collect information about your computer, including your IP address, operating system, browser type and the address of any referring sites. The website uses Cookies with the aim of improving the services provided, in particular, eliminating the need to enter the password in the session or re-add to cart to order the products if the user failed to complete the transaction in one visit. In addition, Cookies are used for traffic analysis on Internet sites and anonymous demographic profiling so that we may improve our services. If you disable Cookies part of the services may become inaccessible to the user.

User right

If the user wants to know what personal data about him has or complement, to rectify, anonymise or delete any incomplete, inaccurate or outdated personal data, or wants to stop the processing of his personal data for purposes of sending advertising materials or direct selling or for the carrying out market research or have other compelling legal grounds, it can in due course and in accordance with applicable law to implement this right by contacting on the following address. In some cases (especially if the user wants to delete his personal data or stop processing) it could also mean the inability to continue to provide services. Users are given the ability to control their personal data, using functions of the control profile. In some cases, such as when returning the product to be fixed the consumer's personal data, in particular passport data. In these cases, applicable law may set limits on the rights of users mentioned above.

The administrator of personal data and contact information

As an administrator of personal data of users acts (Russian Federation). Changes in the Policy of privacy protection reserves the right to change the present Policy of privacy protection or change, modify or withdraw access to the web sites of the company at any time, with or without notice. However, in the case of inclusion in the Policy of privacy protection of significant changes will post a notice of such changes at the beginning of this document and on the home page on the Internet site. The duration of the posting of notice for 30 days.

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