F. A. Q. - frequently asked questions  

On this page we will post answers to frequently asked questions 

Question: is it Possible to buy and pay directly on the website? 

Answer: Yes, of course. 

Question: is it Possible to make a purchase on credit? 

Answer: At the moment, unfortunately, no. 

Question: whether the Reserved goods after registration on the website? 

Answer: Yes, of course, after ordering, the goods will be reserved and sent to Your address. 

Question: Can I return any product? 

Answer: In accordance with the law on trade and law on consumer protection technical complex product unconditional exchange and is not refundable. Goods can be exchanged or refunded, upon detection of factory defects (significant deficiency) in the first 14 days from the date of purchase. 

Question: Why are the prices on the site change every day?

Answer: We are closely watching the moods of your customers and overall market situation, therefore the prices for commodity items are reviewed each day before the store opening. The reasons for the price changes a lot and list them all no sense (among them, warehouse inventory, competitors ' offers, the level of demand, etc.). 

Question: I Saw an ad on Craigslist about selling a product but the price differs from the specified site (can't find a product, out of stock, etc.). At what price I sell the product? How can I be sure it's your ad? 

Answer: the Correct price and availability on our website and that You sell a product. Price and availability on avito updated entirely by hand - so the update will takes time. 

Question: What is the warranty on the purchased equipment? 

Answer: any equipment purchased from us are warranted for 12 months. 

Question: I'm 18 years old, can I buy you a phone (tablet or other equipment)? 

Answer: I'm Sorry, but to carry out the transaction of purchase and sale we can only with your parents. Purchase can only be carried out in their presence. The reason: According to the section on partial capacity of adolescents of the civil code (namely,"Minors aged 14 to 18 latprao themselves to make deals. However, this requires written consent of parents, adoptive parents or Trustees (article 26 part 1 of the civil code). Otherwise, the transaction made by a minor aged 15 to 18 years of age without the consent of parents, adoptive parents or curators, may be declared invalid (art. 175 part 1 of the civil code).") the transaction of sale in our retail store can not be concluded by a minor without the written consent of parents or guardians.

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