Online store ImKurs informs you about the terms and conditions of return of goods

The deadline for returning the goods

The deadline for the return of goods of good quality is 21 days of receipt of the goods*

The return is carried out at the request of the Buyer, and because of an error on the part of the Seller.

Reasons for return of goods** from the Buyer can be the following:

· the product is damaged

The reasons for the return in error***", OOO Incurs", hereinafter called "Seller»:

· incorrect order contents;

· the existence of the defect/reject****.

In the case of improper packaging or defect the cost of return delivery by Post of Russia is paid by the Seller. A refund to a Customer within 5-7 working days.

Please note that the item is accepted back only in a complete package, with all packaging and labels, in unworn/unused condition.

High-quality goods that cannot be exchanged or returned, are specified in the List approved by RF Government decree of January 19, 1998 № 55.

The return of the goods by sending item (the Buyer pays postal services).




Customers can return product by mail. When returned, Customer pays return shipping.

Return address indicated on postal items (depending on stock).

The rejection of the return of your parcel may occur for the following reasons:

· violation of the integrity of the package (use only original postal packaging, avoid pasting tape (except postal) and other materials);

· shipment and handling fees. 


The refund to the Buyer the following ways:

· on the Client's balance;

· Bank transfer;

· transfer electronic payment systems.

Method of refund coincides with the payment method. 

· The Customer balance: At the request of the Customer, cash refund can be left on the Customer's balance.

The amount of available funds that can be used including for payment of the subsequent order, the Customer can see in the Personal Cabinet.

· Bank transfer: the Client must specify the details in the section "My data". For money transfer you need the following information:

1.     BIC of the Bank branch where the account is opened

2.     Front (settlement) account of the Customer

3.     Name of the account holder

4.     Card number

Please note that the details should be in the name of the customer.

The deadline for the transfer of funds is carried out up to 10 calendar days. The period of crediting of funds to the account of the Client depends on the internal rules of the recipient Bank.

· Transfer to Client account electronic payment: Return of money funds transfer to the account opened in the electronic payment system, shall be made within 10 calendar days after we receive the returned mail item.

If You have any questions related to the return, you will help our specialists via the feedback form. 


*Unless otherwise specified in the conditions of the shares.

**Goods of proper quality that cannot be traded (back) are listed in the List approved by RF Government decree of January 19, 1998 № 55. It is given below.


1.     Products for the prevention and treatment of diseases in house conditions (subjects of sanitary and hygiene from metal, rubbers, textiles and other materials, tools, appliances and equipment medical, means of hygiene of an oral cavity, lenses, items for care of children), drugs.

2.     Personal hygiene items (toothbrushes, combs, hair clips, hair rollers, wigs, chignons and other similar products).

3.     Perfumery and cosmetic goods.

4.     Textiles (cotton, linen, silk, wool and synthetic fabrics, the goods from nonwoven materials of type of fabrics — tapes, ribbons, lace and others); cable production (wires, cords, cables); construction and finishing materials (linoleum, film, carpets and others) and other goods sold by the meter.

5.     Apparel and knitwear (underwear, hosiery).

6.     Products and materials in contact with foodstuff, from polymeric materials, including single-use (utensils and accessories table and kitchen, capacities and packing materials for storage and transportation of food products).

7.     Household chemicals, pesticides and agrochemicals.

8.     Furniture household (furniture sets and kits)

9.     Jewelry and other items made of precious metals and (or) precious stones, faceted gems.

10.   Cars and Motovilovka, trailers and number units to them; mobile means of mechanization of agricultural work; pleasure boats and other household boats.

11.   Technically sophisticated household goods, with warranty periods (machine tools metal-cutting and woodworking household; electrical machinery and equipment; consumer electronic equipment; domestic computing and multiplying equipment; photographic and cinematographic equipment; telephone sets and facsimile equipment; electronic musical instruments; toys electronic, the household gas equipment and devices; wrist and pocket watch mechanical, electro-mechanical and electronic, with two or more functions).

12.   Civilian weapons, main parts of civilian and duty firearms, ammunition.

13.   The animals and plants.

14.   Non-recurrent publications (books, brochures, albums, cartographic and sheet music publications, sheet and pictorials, calendars, booklets, publications reproduced on technical information carriers).


***All claims for errors in the order after payment are not accepted. With the exception of orders shipping by the Post office. In this case, return the item within 14 calendar days of receipt of goods on hand.

****If the Client was given the Goods of inadequate quality, the Customer is entitled to use the provisions of article 18 "the Rights of the consumer at detection in the goods of the shortcomings of the" Law on the protection of the rights of consumers.

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